• Direct driven compressors

    Lubricated compressors from 1.5 to 4 HP
    fitted on 6 to 90-litre tanks

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  • Belt driven compressors

    With cast aluminum & iron pump
    from 1hp to 30hp

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  • Oil-less compressors

    From 0.75hp to 20hp
    direct diriven or silenced direct driven

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  • Screw air compressors-澳门新威尼斯人网址

    From 10hp to 350hp,
    with belt or direct transmission, fix or variable speed

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  • Scroll air compressors

    From 3kw to 15kw (4hp to 20hp)
    silenced and build-in-package

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  • pump series-澳门威尼斯赌人老品牌直得信耐

    With cast aluminum & iron pump, one & two stage

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  • Air dryer

    Air cooled & water cooled
    silenced and build-in-package

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  • Air storage tank

    From 300L to 4000L
    vertical and horizontal

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LIDA one of the famous general electromechanical products manufacturers in China, it had been awarded as CAQP Certified Unit, key industry of founding famous brand by national agricultural department, star of overseas C



All of material & parts are control by Incoming Quality Control acc. To drawing and Lida-quality standard. R&D: Offer customized and specialized design as per customer & market demand.